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All about ESLA  

Let me introduce myself! I'm Caroline, the owner of Esla, married with two girls and live in Felbridge, Surrey.

Why did I call my business Esla? The name Esla was created by my youngest daughter and is a mix of both my daughter’s names, which I love and who knows one day maybe one or both of them might join me!

My life and career, like many women, was a lot different before children. For 8 years I worked in the hotel industry, from a small three star hotel where I started, doing everything from event organising, marketing to jumping behind the bar at an event. I then moved into the luxury hotels, Ashdown Park and Alexander House where my roles were more focused in the Sales, marketing and Business development departments. Creating new business was something I was passionate about from sales, organising events, designing marketing material, and coming up with new ways to get customers through the door. 

Since 2017 I've been working at Sensible PC Solutions, part time doing his admin, marketing, and social media, this is where I started to build websites for a few of his clients, and this is where Esla began.

Now with more time and flexibility as the girls are older, I can focus and grow Esla, I love working with clients whether I'm creating something, or supporting them, either way helping their businesses. It gives me a great buzz when I hear success stories from work I've done, and I love it when I see a van go past with a logo I’ve created on the side.

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